Construction of roads network

Client : Aldar Properties
Consultant : Halcrow International Partnership
Duration : October 2007 – December 2008
Location : Abu Dhabi



The development of road networks and car parking spaces was part of Aldar Properties’ Yas Island development program, package 2B.
The works included roads, paving, hard/soft landscaping, and grass lawns. As part of the project requirements, NBHH have set up its own Asphalt plant on site for a production of approximately 230,000 T of asphalt.



• Roads: 12 km of dual carriageways
• Underpass: 250 m
• Pumping station for the underpass
• Street lighting: 10 m and 14 m decorative streetlights plus cabling
• Car park: 60,000 m3
• Landscaping and grass: 300,000 m2




Contract C100

Client Committee for Residential Developments (CRD)
Consultant Parsons International
Value AED 124.3 Million
Duration March 2006 – September 2008
Location Madinat Zayed – Western Region of Abu Dhabi



The contract C100 is part of the development of 360 Hectares for a self-contained satellite township in the western region of Abu Dhabi (Madinat Zayed).
For such challenges, NBHH group has the capacity to offer a vast array of services, coupled with an extensive experience in all types of infrastructure works.
The latter range from mass grading of 4 million cubic meters of soil to the construction of roads, pipe lines, sewerage pump stations, irrigation networks, potable water lines and any associated electrical and mechanical works.



• 15 km asphaltic base course roads of various right of way (22.4 m, 30 m and 45 m)
• Submersible type sewage pumpstation, 90 L/s
• 12.2 km gravity sewer line (200 to 250 mm UPVC pipes) and associated manholes and property connections
• 2 km gravity sewerline (200 to 500 mm GRP pipes) and associated manholes and property connections
• 850 m force main, 355 mm HDPE pipe
• 14.7 km HDPE Pipelines,160 to 250 mm diameter and associated chambers, fire hydrants and property connections
• 11 km HDPE Pipelines,110 to 315 diameter and associated chambers
• 1.25 MG rein forced concrete underground irrigation reservoir with 90 L/s pump station
• 24 no. of 11/415 KV electrical substations and associated transformers, switch gears, panels etc…
• 74 km long 11 KVMV/.415 LV cable laying and associated feeder pillars


30 km of roads and utilities

Client : ALDAR Properties PJSC
Consultant : AECOM Middle East
Value : AED 190 Million
Duration : March 2007 – June 2009
Location : Al Ain



The construction of a road network and associated services installation to the Al Shabhat area of the City of Al Ain, including:
• Sewerage network and associated manholes and chambers
• Stormwater network and associated manholes and chambers
• Potable water supply network and house connections
• Electrical distribution
• Street lighting and signage
• Road construction
• Kerbing and block paving



• Construction of 30 km roads complete with roundabouts, footpath, parking areas, drive ways, utility ducts etc…
• Supply & laying of 32 km sewerage lines. 200 to 350 mm diameter GRP pipes with associated manholes, chambers and house connections
• Submersible pumping station complete with all M&E works
• Supply & laying of approximately 30 km of stormwater drainage. 600 to 1000 mm diameter RC pipes, 350 to 500 mm diameter GRP pipes and 200 to 300 mm diameter UPVC pipes with associated manholes/chambers, gullies and wadi outfalls
• Construction of 40 km of water network. DN 160 mm, 225 mm and 355 mm HDPE pipeline complete with valve chambers and all associated works for portable water as per ADWEA/AADC standards
• Relocation of existing LV/HV cable network, supply and installation of 10-20 m high street lighting poles complete with cabling, terminations, control cabinets, service turrets and feeder pillars. Construction of 6 nbr. sub stations, complete with supply, installation, testing and commissioning of all electrical equipment
• Relocation of existing telecommunication network including diversion, new cable laying and construction of joint boxes under ETISALAT supervision


Contracts R13 – R196 – R184

Client : Ministry of Public Works
Consultant : Dorch Consult
Value : AED 208.16 Million
Duration : July 2006 – April 2009
Location : Umm Al Quwain – Northern Emirates



NBHH has carried out three different contracts for the ministry of public works as part of the improvement of the Sharjah Outer Bypass.

Contract R13
The works are located along the south-eastern section of the Sharjah to Ras Al Khaimah Freeway. The Outer Bypass runs between the existing interchange OB1 and the proposed interchange OB3. Interchange OB1 is located on the Sharjah to Dhaid Road and interchange OB3 will be located on the Falaj Al Mu’alla Road at a point approximately 4 km east of the existing interchange RR6. The Outer Bypass is approximately 16 km in length and is a dual, 2-lane highway with provision for future widening to a dual, 4-lane carriageway.

Contract R196
The contract comprises the maintenance, improvement & upgrading of Sajaa-Khawaneej Road and the widening of the Outer Bypass. The section is 8 km in length and is widened from dual 2-lane to 3-lane construction, with space for future widening to a dual 4-lane carriageway.

Contract R184
Construction of the Al – Rahmaniya underpass on the Outer Bypass between OB2 and OB1.



Excavation 2,878,000 m2
Filling 274,500 m2
Slope scour protection 442,800 m2
Wearing course 815,800 m2
Base course 692,200 m2
Traffic Signs 309 no.
Guardrail 55,000 m
Fencing 14,500 m
Stone pitching 25,641 m2