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Although the world’s infrastructure has developed a lot during the past decades, still thousands of kilometers of water and sewer pipes needing rehabilitation due to corrosion. Corrosion is mainly caused by:

- Internally unprotected concrete sewer pipes are rapidly aged by the presence of sulfuric acid in sanitary sewer systems, which are generated through the hydrogen sulfide cycle.

- Externally, soil conditions and stray electrical currents will weaken underground pipes. Metallic pipes can corrode when placed in poorly aerated, poorly drained soils of low resistivity. The presence of sulfate – reducing bacteria will accelerate this deterioration.

These problems can be radically reduced, if not eliminated, by the cautions selection of materials resistant to corrosion, or the inclusion of corrosion protection systems into pipeline designs. Unfortunately, in hopes of cost saving, agencies will often forego the necessary corrosion protection, only to learn a few years later of the consequences. Corrosion is not a reversible process.

The solution to this situation is very easy….

Inter Pipe Factory® (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester/Vinyl ester Pipes)