YAS ISLAND DEVELOPMENT - Multiple Infrastructure Contracts


Client : Aldar Properties
Consultant : Halcrow International Partnership
Value : AED 1.5 Billion
Duration : October 2007 to May 2010
Location : Yas Island - Emirates of Abu Dhabi


As the island was preparing for the first ever Formula One race in Abu Dhabi, NBHH was proudly staking a claim as the group that made it possible for spectators to reach the circuit, and experience the event first hand; Basically, the road networks within the complex and the infrastructure that supports it have been constructed by our group. In that latter event alone, NBHH has contracted and achieved six infrastructure contracts as follows:

  • Package 2B, the main infrastructure works contract
  • Formula One gateway park, infrastructure and landscaping package
  • Underground potable water tank
  • Retail Mall phase 1A, roads and infrastructure works
  • Ferrari World theme park and environs, roads and utilities works
  • Marina area, hard and soft landscaping, roads and infrastructure works


920 staff members and construction workers have participated to the successful completion of this project and to its timely handover. The project team managed all the different road blocks and challenges, delivering the works on schedule, while accommodating design changes and modifications during the course of construction.



  • Roads network: 12 km of dual carriage ways
  • Underpass: 250 m length
  • Pumping station for the underpass
  • Street lighting: 10 m and 14 m decorative streetlights plus cabling
  • Irrigation: 150 mm to 900 mm pipes: 15 km
  • Potable water: 150 mm to 900 mm pipes: 25 km
  • Stormwater: 300 mm to 2200 mm pipes: 14 km
  • Sewerage: 300 mm to 1200 mm pipes: 12 km
  • Telecom cabling: 220 km
  • Gas pipes: 10 km
  • Car parking: 60,000 m2
  • Landscaping and grass: 300,000 m2
  • Underground potable water reservoir: 135,000 m3
  • Shoring and dewatering for deep excavations
  • Piling: 300 piles of various diameters and depth
  • Setting up of asphalt plant: production of 230 000 tons of asphalt




DUBAI METRO - Utilities Diversion, Protection and Relocation


Client : RTA
Consultant : Systra / Parsons
Value : AED 412 Million
Duration : December 2005 to August 2009
Location : Dubai


Every infrastructure project planned in the middle of an active city is poised to encounter and mitigate various risks, mostly in relation to existing underground utilities. The Dubai Metro project was not an exception.

The detection, protection and eventually the diversion of existing utilities was a challenging and critical task for NBHH especially where the underground metro stations, cut and cover tunnels, or piling foundations had to be constructed. The latter construction activities had to be carried out while minimizing the disturbance to the end users and Dubai residents.

In that respect, our company managed to overcome all the different challenges, whether foreseen or unforeseen, for a project duration that spanned for three and half years.



  • Obtaining No Objection Certificates (NOC) from the relevant government departments
  • Preparation of shop drawings and method statements
  • Trial pits, often by hand digging for initial identification and inspection
  • Temporary works such as shoring for deep excavation, dewatering, saw cutting of asphalt
  • Reinstatement of roads and pavements
  • Supply of all materials and provision of all necessary equipment
  • Relocation and protection of existing underground pipes of diameters from 100 mm to 1400 mm for various kind of utilities such as water, sewerage, stormwater drainage, irrigation etc... Including construction of manholes, chambers and connection to existing networks
  • Relocation and protection of existing underground cables and ducts for electricity (ADWEA) and telecommunication (Etisalat)
  • Micro tunnelling and directional drilling for underground crossings and the installation of cables, ducts and pipes




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