Yas Island Development - Construction of Potable Water Tank including Water transmission lines

Contract A430101/2007/C/079

Client : Aldar Properties
Consultant : Halcrow International Partnership
Value : AED 118.6 Million
Duration : November 2007 to December 2008
Location : Abu Dhabi


The construction of a potable water tank project is part of Aldar Properties’ Yas Island development program.
The project comprises the construction of a 120,000 m3 potable water tank of 155 m x 155 m x 7.5 m, noting that the scope included the construction of a valve chamber, testing, chlorination and commissioning.



  • The excavation of existing ground material, and cart away to a spoil site a total volume of 310,000 m3
  • Dewatering of the excavated area, permitting the construction of the tank base, walls, and all supporting infra structure and utilities
  • The casting of slab walls and roof in sequence with the approval of the appointed consultant
  • Installation of all required pipe work, instrumentation, waterproofing, chlorination, backfilling as per the consultant’s specifications





Contract N-1918

Client : ADWEA - Transco
Consultant : MWH
Value : AED 69.9 Million
Duration : June 2003 to June 2004
Location : Abu Dhabi


As requested in the scope of contract N-1918, NBHH carried out the design, supply and installation of equipment, an all relevant civil and electromechanical works in the existing station.



  • Four additional pumps at Ajban, 2273 m3/h capacity 216 m head
  • Four additional pumps at Sweihan 2273 m3/h capacity 229 m head
  • Surge suppression equipment Taweelah, Ajban and Sweihan
  • Piping work at Taweelah, Ajban and Sweihan
  • Electrical work including MV and LV panels and VFD installations
  • Instrumentation, control and automation system upgrading
  • Ventilation and air conditioning system upgrading
  • Conversion of Ajban Palace pumping station to remotely operated station
  • Surge analysis system
  • Verification of Hydraulic performance of suction pipe works
  • Hydraulic assessment to upgrade Al Ain reception pumps
  • Investigation of the hydro performance of the existing P.S.V’s.
  • Thermodynamic study
  • Upgrading of the existing control system
  • Pressure sustaining valve for Ajban and Sweihansites
  • New VFD building and associated electromechanical works
  • New air compressor room at Taweelah
  • Dismantling of 1200 mm diameter joints at Ajban and Sweihan





Contract G1095

Client : ADWEA
Consultant : Mott Mc Donald
Value : AED 23.4 Million
Duration : June 2002 to June 2003
Location : Abu Dhabi


Contract G1095 covers the construction of reservoirs, tanks, pipes networks and other related works for the supply of water within the western region in Abu Dhabi.



Design and construction of two steel tanks 1 MIG capacity each in Sir Bani Yas Island. The scope includes:

  • Topographical and services location survey at site
  • Cathodic protection system
  • Refurbishment of existing pump station
  • Installation of related pipes and miscellaneous civil structures such as valve chambers


Construction of Water Supply Works at Tarif, Rhadeem and Dhaiyah. The scope includes:

  • Topographic and services location survey
  • Demolition of existing structures
  • Design and construction of 1 MIG capacity reservoir
  • Design and construction of two pumping stations
  • All electromechanical and instrumentation works
  • Pipes distribution network, connections and valve chambers
  • Design and construction of an office and accommodation building for the staff




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