Contract DS 152

Client : Dubai Municipality
Consultant : Khatib Al Alami
Value : AED 144 Million
Duration : December 2007 – November 2009
Location : Dubai



The contract DS 152 covers the provision of sewerage and drainage systems project for the residential and commercial plots in Al Warqaa 4.
Al Warqa is a residential area located at the north of Dubai, and comprising single individual villas.
The project includes over 31 km of sewerage lines and 40 km of drainage pipes together with the associated manholes, chambers and connections.
The project was divided into 5 different working zones A1 to A5. The proposed sewerage lines and drainage system had to be integrated or connected to other networks, whether existing, planned or under construction.
Needless to say that the coordination with the different stakeholders was a critical challenge to overcome.



• 31,326 m of sewerage lines. Pipes diameters range from 200 mm to 500 mm
• 514 manholes for sewerage network
• 7,050 km of lateral house connections
• 500 numbers of house connection chambers
• 39,270 km of storm water lines with pipes varying from 160 mm to 500 mm
• 333 manholes for drainage system
• Demolishing existing septic tanks and various structures