Contract O1537

Client : Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company – ADSSC
Consultant : Hyder Consulting Middle East Ltd.
Value : AED 761 Million
Duration : November 2010 – October 2012
Location : Al Ain



Construction of Trunk Sewer Network & TSE Infrastructure – Part 2.
The Al Ain Asset Enhancement Scheme is intended to address a mixture of strategic and conceptual needs.
AES is being implemented in parallel with other components of the Capital Investment Program (CIP).

The contract includes :
– The construction of a new deep interceptor trunk sewer from the existing Mezyad trunk sewer in the center of Al Ain City to a new WWTW at Al Hamah. It is noted that approximately 53 km in length needed to be constructed by micro tunneling.
– The construction of a new TSE pumping station at Al Hamah WWTW and an Intermediate TSE Pumping Station with 2 reservoirs and chlorination facilities. Each of the pumping stations has a capacity of approximately 2200L/s.
– Construction of twin pumping mains of approximately 42.3 km trench length, from the TSE pumping station at Al Hamah to the Intermediate Pumping Station and from the Intermediate pumping station to the existing pumping station at M10.
– The scope of the work is divided into two packages, noting that package 2 has been awarded to NBHH on 11th October 2010 with a completion date and handing over set for the 10th October 2012.



• 23 km of sewerage gravity lines. Various pipes diameters 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 1400 mm, 1600 mm and 1800 mm. 10 km constructed by open cut method and 13 km by micro tunnelling. Invert depth varies between 5 m and 19 m
• 6.5 km of gravity sewer lateral with different pipes diameters from 160 to 1000 mm extended from the existing pumping main with invert depth varying from 2 to 17 m
• Improvement of gravity sewer lines for PN8 with different diameters 160 mm to 500 mm diameter, with length of 1.5 km and invert depth from 5 to 10 m
• 4.3 km for the ‘T’ line and main sewerage lines Mazeed, and sewerage gravity line. Pipes diameters from 160 mm to 800 mm. Invert depth from 1 m to 9 m
• 258 manholes
• Pumping main sewer lines for treated sewerage water
• 1.8 km of pumping main sewer line treated water 1200 mm diameter from Zakher to M10
• 3.5 km of treated pumping main 1200mm diameter from the treated pumping station at Zakher to locate of the 1st branch
• 5.7 km of treated sewerage pumping main lines 800 mm dia. from the location of the 1st branch to the 2nd branch
• 2.6 km from pumping main lines for the treated water sewers of 600 mm diameter, from the location of the 2nd branch to M10
• 8 flow control valve chambers; 12 close out gate valve chambers; 27 air valve chambers; 25 washout chambers; 7 discharge chambers and number of flow meter chambers
• Demolition works: Emptying and demolishing of 6 existing pumping stations